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JaMeeka Holloway Wins NYSAF Award

NEW YORK CITY: New York Stage and Film (NYSAF) has named poet-playwright UGBA the recipient of the 2023 Founders’ Award, and writer-director JaMeeka Holloway the recipient of the 2023 Pfaelzer Award. Both will receive residency time during NYSAF’s summer season at Marist College.

2023 NYSAF Pfaelzer Award

"Director JaMeeka Holloway Turns Her Sights Toward the Candid, Rapid-Fire Play “Single Black Female”

by Byron Woods 05/17/2023

"The director—and sometime agent provocateur, for pre-pandemic works like her 2015 production of The Shipment with Black Ops Theatre Company and White, a scathing satire on race in the world of fine art, for Bulldog Ensemble Theater in 2019—is talking about both her her past and immediate future on local and national stages."

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